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Be bold and be different.


It works in business and it works at Cover Rock.  We have plenty of networking opportunities for you and your business associates -whether you are trying to retain an important client or rewarding your employees, Cover Rock can provide that one of a kind experience that your guests will sing about all year.


Imagine a weekend of ideal outdoor activities like golf or fishing and then an afternoon of the greatest music of all time performed in a serene setting with fine cocktails and leisurely attitudes.  We can arrange for private tents at the festival or supply the VIP treatment for your guests that can include hotel stays and morning activities ranging from golf to hiking and biking for any skill level. 


Perhaps you have even larger goals in mind like a white water rafting trip to build teamwork for your staff. 


Just let Cover Rock know what kind of outing you are looking for and we can make it rocking!


Mixing Music with Business

Interested in our corporate  packages
Cover Rock
Business Advantages
  • Employee Reward
  • Client Retention 
  • New Business Opportunity
call 708-267-4540
Cover Rock
Weekend Suggestions
  • White Water Rafting
  • Spa Treatments
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Biking
or call 708-267-4540

Entertain 5-50 clients or employees in a reserved tent with great sight lines to the concert. Private bar and fenced admission make your guest feel like they are special.

Here is a chance for you to treat your clients like the Very Important People they are. You let us know who is coming and our VIP Ninjas take over from there

Looking to connect even more with your employees, distinguished guest or family? Make the weekend an adventure they will sing about for years. We can complement your festival weekend with arrangements for golf, fly fishing, hiking tours or bike rides.

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Sample Weekend

Thursday Night Arrival


Enjoy a private dinner at one of a dozen first class restaurants. 


Friday Morning


Get your formal business meeting out of they way and prepare for the festival with a guided fly fishing trip.


Friday Afternoon/Evening 2p-10p 


Enjoy Cover rock including a recreation of Simon and Garfunkel's Concert at Central Park plus full tribute concert experiences from Aerosmith, Stevie Ray Vaughn and The Doors.


Saturday Morning


Nothing says thank you for your business like a glorious round of golf at one of Vail Valley's numerous world class tracks. 


Saturday Afternoon 2p-10p 


Enjoy Day 2 of Cover Rock featuring sets from The Allman Brothers, Tom Petty, The Eagles and Bruce Springsteen tributes.


Saturday Night


Enjoy the Saturday Night Special after Hours party or entertain your guests in a luxury bar just feet from the festival grounds.

Sunday Morning


Chill poolside at hotel or send your client off in style with a spa treatment or group bike ride.


Hotels within walking distance of Cover Rock and tour packages include pick up and drop off at hotel

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